How you can Sizzling Comb Hair

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Easy methods to Sizzling Comb Hair

  1. You should utilize just a little of a light oil such as coconut oil to stop burning of the hair root.
  2. Comb all the tangles out of your hair. Use an everyday plastic-tooth comb and ensure you may run it by way of your hair from root to tip with out resistance before you begin.
  3. Separate your hair into small sections no bigger than 2 inches (5 cm) thick. In case your steel sizzling comb is larger or smaller, you may adjust the dimensions of every part, ensuring the hair simply suits via the comb. Keep every part together with a hair clip.
  4. Heat up your sizzling comb. In case you liked this information along with you wish to be given guidance concerning human hair extensions kindly go to our website.

When you purchased a scorching iron comb product, use the electric heater or cord that came with it. To heat a sizzling comb on a stove prime, hold it over a medium flame till it’s hot to the touch.
Take a look at the metallic sizzling comb earlier than you use it by setting it on a paper towel. If the towel turns brown, your hot comb straightener is just too hot and will injury your hair. Let it cool and test it again earlier than using it in your hair
5. Straighten your hair.
Take away a clip on the back of your head. Give that hair section a fast comb-through with a normal plastic-tooth comb before utilizing the hot metallic comb. This prevents getting the hot comb stuck in your hair.
Hold the part of hair at the nape of your neck with one hand.
Use the opposite to gently pull the comb all the way from the root by the ends of the hair in one quick movement. Start as near the roots as you may without burning your scalp. Keep away from maintaining the new iron comb in one spot for too long, or you possibly can scald your hair.
Continue scorching combing, working your way from the again of your head to the entrance.
6. Heat the new comb back up after working it by means of your hair a number of occasions. Place it again on the burner, but do not forget that it’s already slightly scorching so it will not take as lengthy to heat back up.
Remember to test the comb on a white paper towel each time you heat it up to ensure it isn’t too hot for your hair.


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